Expertise and Finesse

Take a look at what we create with creative minds from different parts of Europe. The vibrant dynamic of our designs comes from Berlin, where the exciting interplay between the creative flair of young talent, the refined expertise of our great design virtuoso from the Netherlands and, of course, your very personal ideas, creates the basis for our unique furniture.
We owe the well thought-out construction of our furniture to the many years of expertise of our dearest construction colleague from Hamburg. Her creative ideas and technical finesse not only ensure attractive design, but also durability and functionality.

High quality and passion

Our high-quality solid wood and iron furniture is manufactured in Poland by our talented craftsmen, with whom we have been working for years. They always focus on precision and quality to create unique pieces together with us.
We personally deliver to many countries to add a special touch to every purchase. This goes beyond just a piece of furniture – it’s an experience that emphasizes our dedication to first-class all-round service. Discover our furniture that not only creates spaces, but also stories. We design with passion and care to give your home a unique touch.
Thank you for joining us on this journey.


Be the designer of your own unique pieces

With us, furniture design becomes a personal experience. You can easily design your personal dream table with our innovative timber table configurator. Become the designer of your own furniture by easily combining different elements to create a unique piece that reflects your personal style. We are also happy to take on the creative part and turn simple ideas into completely new and innovative solid wood & iron furniture. Whether it’s a built-in wardrobe, family bed or complete furnishings for your tiny house. Our Berlin design team will be happy to support you throughout the entire process.

From dreams to reality

Be inspired by our diverse selection. In our store, you’ll find a wide selection of industrial and country-style furniture to choose from – from timeless classics to modern designs. You are guaranteed to find a unique piece that suits you. And if you want a different color or size, just let us know. No matter what your ideas are, we’ll help you turn them into reality!


The start of your furniture’s journey

“There’s no such thing as impossible” – this maxim characterizes not only our approach, but also our attitude in the field of furniture design. The combination of creativity, technical expertise and a keen eye for detail are of central importance. Anika, as our woman for the product, puts your individual furniture dreams on paper with a love of detail. With technical finesse and creative solutions, she succeeds in combining form and function, also thanks to close collaboration with our furniture production and, of course, with you. Once the finished design drawing has been approved, everything is meticulously manufactured.

Hand in hand, we construct customized, solid and unique pieces of furniture that integrate seamlessly into your interior and accompany you for a lifetime. What are you waiting for? Let’s create something for eternity together.


Where quality and durability meet each other

Turning creative design concepts effortlessly into reality is the speciality of our long-standing production partners. Our wood and metal professionals passionately combine traditional craftsmanship with modern techniques, quality and durability.

The furniture is not only visually impressive, but is also perfect for everyday use. The successful collaboration of all trades plays a crucial role in the creation of your unique piece and helps to ensure that every piece of furniture meets the high standards we strive for.



Personal delivery directly to your home

Enjoy the unbeatable convenience of personalized delivery, including assembly of your unique Fraai piece at its destination. Our dedicated team will ensure that your furniture arrives safely and promptly. Sit back and relax while we take care of the smooth process.

Free curbside delivery

With our exclusive “curbside” service, we deliver your order directly to the pavement. This gives you the flexibility to transport your new piece of furniture to your home yourself and assemble it effortlessly, saving you money in the process. If you have any questions about assembly, we are of course always on hand to help.

Let’s get creative together!

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